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What Inspires Tomorrow's
Female Leaders

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Black Friday
Beyond the Obvious

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No Filter

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The Score

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covid-19 winnin report

Covid-19 Report:
Economics & Finances

Coming soon: The economic impact of the Coronavirus Pandemia.

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The New Dynamic
of Fashion

In these new times, consumers are the great protagonists. Now, more than ever, fashion industry is embracing a people-centric approach to be relevant in society.

self care report winnin

The New Self-Care

In this report we'll investigate how online videos are helping people to hack their routines through a data driven approach to wellbeing in quarantine times.

millennial money winnin report

How Brazil's Relationship
With Money is Changinng

In this report we'll investigate how the most financially active generation - Millennials - is dealing with this moment in Brazil by analyzing where they spend most of their time: online videos.

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covid-19 coronavirus winnin report


The deep cultural impact that the Coronavirus is bringing to the world is a fact. But the words "don't panic" never made so much sense. This report aim to help brands to navigate in these crazy times.

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gaming report winnin

The New Gaming

In this report we will take you through insights for non-gaming brands that want to be relevant in this segment, and insights for gaming brands to strengthen their communities organically.

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